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Announcement: APC Presidential campaign council slates 18th Jan 2️023 to hold Adamawa rally



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A special announcement was made by the Adamawa state coordinator for the All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential campaign council, His Excellency, Rt Hon Martins Babale informing faithful members of the party and the general public that the confirmed date for the Adamawa APC Presidential rally is scheduled to take place on 18th January 2023.

According to him by this announcement all preparations to receive the campaign train and the presidential candidate, the vice presidential candidate in top gear.

Calling on party loyalists to take note of the date.

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NARRATIVISATION: First Lady’s Meeting With APC Adamawa Candidates, Stakeholders, One Event Two Stories



Reports on the meeting of Adamawa APC candidates and selected party stakeholders at the behest of the First Lady were presented to the public mostly via new media.

What is identified as unity about the report is that the meeting was held. The purposes of the meeting and the deliberations as reported are however varried.

There’s the presentation from the investigative angle that agrees with anonymous version, which disclosed the crux of the meeting as that intended to disenfranchise both Senator Aishatu Dahiru Ahmed, a.k.a Binani and Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, a.k.a Fresh-Air from participating in the 2023 governorship elections in Adamawa state, to open a convenient space for Malam Nuhu Ribadu’s emergence. It is the version, the political pundits pointed out that instigated the feminist activist politician, Dr Najaatu Mohammed’s narrativisation, where she blamed women, based on the very act credited to the First Lady as the convener, for the disturbingly poor participation of women in politics, taking the meeting and Binani’s aspiration to have been collectively supported by women as case study.

There is the version that has taken a departure from the Binani denigration, by presenting a laudable report of the meeting deliberated on how the APC would retain the leadership at the centre and reclaim the governorship at the state level.

This version is given by the leadership of the Adamawa state chapter of the APC in a statement jointly signed by the Chairman, Hon Samaila Tadawus and the secretary, Dr. Raymond Chidama that “the purpose of the meeting was to congratulate the First Lady over recent happenings in the polity and especially her appointment as the chairperson of the Tinubu/Shettima Women Campaign Team.

“It was also meant to serve as a platform to discuss how Her Excellency could support the vision of the State Exco of the party to take our candidates to victory”.

Question is asked, who sought for the audience. Can a group be invited by a celebrant simply to be congratulated? Doesn’t it sound solicitous?

Hon Rufai Gombi flying the state assembly flag, Hon Abubakar Babazango flying the House of Representatives flag and Hon Abdulrazak Saad Namdas have in an interview with newsmen, separately commended the First Lady for convening what they could refer to as unity convention, convenient for the entire APC candidates, perhaps with the exception of Binani who was not invited.

Gombi and Zango denied that there was any denigration of Binani, the call to drop and superimpose Ribadu as favourite candidate, going by the excerpt below:

“The convener said Nigeria is not ripe for a female gubernatorial candidate or an elected female governor. That the maximum women should expect is a female deputy governor; that she asked Tinubu if he will allow a female governor in Lagos and he said no. She therefore said she will only allow them to have a female running mate but not a female candidate.

“…The key stakeholders at the meeting were forced to sign a document endorsing Nuhu Ribadu as the gubernatorial candidate and Ambassador Patricia, the current women leader, to be the running mate. All other gubernatorial Aspirants were assured a place in Tinubu’s government at the centre.

“…On the Court case at the Court of Appeal and several other cases such as the one for the southern Senatorial Candidate, the House of Representatives for Mubi, the first lady boastfully said she would invite the Attorney General of the Federation and the Judges in “order to direct them (ridiculously so) to make sure the cases go as follows;

“In the case of Nuhu Ribadu vs Binani, the court will rule in favour of a rerun election for the primaries.

In the case of the others, the courts will dismiss all the cases.

“…She also insinuated that she has influence on the Supreme Court and that should any of the cases reach the highest court of the land, she will make sure it’s dead on arrival.

“…In the case of the current governor coming up for judgement at the supreme court, the convention was made to believe that it’s almost a foregone conclusion that the governor will be disqualified from contesting and that he will be made to work for the Nuhu Ribadu/Patricia ticket.

“…The setting up of a committee made of serving members of the House of Representatives to mobilize funds for the financing of the campaigns in Adamawa State especially those of the state Assembly members.

“…The convener will directly take charge of all affairs of the APC in Adamawa State and once the cases are over and Nuhu Ribadu becomes a candidate she will roll out the campaign plans.

“…Certain individuals were instantly appointed directors of media, administration, mobilization etc of the Tinubu Campaign Council in Adamawa State which will in turn also be the driver of the gubernatorial campaign as well.

“Apart from the reckless statements on the judiciary which one or two persons tried to caution, the biggest bombshell was that the convener said she is in Talks with Atiku Abubakar with regards to the soon to be disqualified PDP governorship candidate in the state who is the incumbent governor.

“All attendees were shocked as to how a leading member of the APC campaign council will be in a political (not personal or family) talks with the candidate of the opposition”.

The point however as political pundits would observe is to have the denial registered from a higher source or sources.

Source: The Periscope Global Editorial

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Sajoh Replies Salihu, Says Binani Not Part Of Nyako Impeachment Saga



Photo credit: Voice of Arewa VOA/ Facebook

…The role played by members of the House of Assembly led by the current Governor, the role of people who were working in the Villa and the money that exchanged hands and the rest. It was an extension of the impeachment of Nyako that led to PDP primaries being carried away from Yola to Abuja…

Sajoh on APC Crisis (II) 

Comrade Ahmad I Sajoh has vindicated Senator Aishatu Dahiru Ahmed, a.k.a Binani where he rejected the viral classified documents that contained different lists of antagonists in the Nyako impeachment saga as corrupt, callous, mischievous and fake.

According to Sajoh “documents being bandied in the process of trying to make a point. Documents that are supposed to come from security agencies. This is a disservice to the entire country.

“Even declassified documents are not released to the public the way they are releasing these documents that are for all intent and purposes not declassified.

“The law is that you declassify documents after a certain period not less than 50 years.

“Anything that would have happened in 2014 is still fresh. Those documents are supposed to be classified. Therefore the lists that are going around and I say it with all sense of responsibility, because I was part of the crisis that led to Nyako’s impeachment. I was at the heart of it.

“The documents that are being bandied around are fake, useless documents that are manufactured by those that are releasing them for whatever purpose but they are documents that are bringing the entire country to disrepute, because if supposed classified documents of the security agencies of the federal republic of Nigeria could be in the hands of charlatans like this who would be able to release it to public, it then means that the entire country is in trouble.

“So these documents are fake. I’m aware of what transpired at that time. There are many names of people who took direct responsibility and took direct part in the process of the impeachment of Nyako whose names are not on those documents.

“So I know for certain that if I were to mention names, I would have mentioned several names that are not found in these documents that were very active that we have confrontations with.

“When Nyako was impeached in 2014, I was the only person that stood my ground, addressed the press, went to court, did whatever I could do. I was the star witness in the case of Bala James Ngilari becoming governor.

“I represented Nyako in court. I raised the first, second, third, fourth and fifth affidavits that gave Ngilari the governorship. I know all of these things. We were conducting ourselves with some levels of decorum. We did not compromise Nigeria the way they are trying to compromise Nigeria. We did not drag the names of other individuals into it to create further wedges and divisions in the system. We’re all brothers and sisters in one country and humanity.

“Anybody who is releasing any document purporting to say somebody was part of the impeachment of Nyako is actually doing a disservice. I think he is not only being cowardly but he is being callous, he is being wicked, he is being very uncharitable to the federal republic of Nigeria and to the entire process.

“So I want to urge those people that are releasing those documents to please keep them away. We don’t need them at this point in time. We don’t need those names circulated falsely.

“Some of these people are absolutely innocent of what they are being accused of and some of them are involved but not to the extent that it is being written and some of them are even late, for crying out loud, why do you begin to malign somebody whom God has taken.

“So I want to warn on that we should be cautious, this level of bad leadership we’re displaying is not in our interest. I also want to say that we need to stop the negative activities we are doing, holding all manners of meetings, releasing all manners of information that is trying to deepen dissension, I think we don’t need all that.

“Because very soon we may go beyond our political parties, we may begin to create divisions within families, within homes, within communities and if these things lead to breakdown of law and order, who takes responsibility?

“Is it just because we have infantile leadership that does not understand that leadership goes beyond just holding the title of a leader?

“Leadership is a responsibility, for one to consider the overall interest of society and what they are doing could lead to more crises.

“I’m not unmindful of the fact that there are conflict entrepreneurs, people who only benefit, who put food on their table if there’s conflict. We must caution them. There has to be a limit lest it turns out to consume them.

“A lot of people have seen what a crisis can cause, it can consume an innocent person.

“I also want to address political merchants who are busy running from one pillar to one post, bringing the heads of political leaders together so that they can collect ten naira, twenty naira, they should know that our politics is one of the most fluid politics in the world.

“Our political parties are revolving doors. Today you will see somebody in this party, tomorrow you see him in that party, the same thing with tendencies.

“All the people we’re talking about today, if you insist that these people you don’t want them to be, if they become governor tomorrow there is nothing you can do. You fall behind them. and these the same people who are insulting others will turn out to be at the forefront struggling to remain relevant. All these political merchandising, political brigandage must stop in the interest of our state, in the interest of our people.

“And I want to say that our elders must begin to lend their voices of reason. A lot of people are afraid of some sponsored jobless, without manners, people of doubtful parentage or doubtful origin could insult highly revered people like our fathers in politics, hence would insult anyone is not enough for the good people to remain silent in the face of injustice.


“Sen Binani was not part of any process that led to the impeachment of Nyako. We know those that had hands in the impeachment of Nyako and like I said the documents they are bandying are fake documents. I’m aware of what transpired. I saw the names they are putting on those documents, some are false and then some of the real people who acted, we know them, but their names are excluded from the documents, for some reason, they are hiding the real people that have participated as against the people who did not participate.

“As at the time Nyako was impeached, you recall, when the then acting CJ was told to set up a panel, you remember very well that he was escorted by a lorry load of military men. It was covered in the media. It was very open.

“You know the role played by members of the House of Assembly led by the current Governor. You know all this. And we know the role of people who were working at that time in the Villa and the money that exchanged hands and the rest.

“It was an extension of the impeachment of Nyako that led to PDP primaries being carried away from Yola to Abuja.

“The same set of people who participated in the impeachment saga, were the same set of people that again participated in process of trying to take over the PDP nomination process.

“These activities were all related and these were dark days in the history of Adamawa state, These are the same we should not be discussing at this time. These are old wounds. Nobody who wishes this state anything good would want to open an old wound that is almost healing. I think we should keep off that matter as much as we can if we can.

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A people-oriented representation can only be found in Barr Lawal, Adamawa concerned citizen says



The People of Yola South, Yola North, and Girei Federal constituency of Adamawa State were given a hopeful assurance that the New Nigeria people’s party’s candidate hoping to represent the area in the national assembly, Barrister Lawal Garba is the Man with much assurance to represent well.

Adamawa concerned citizen who is a staunch loyalist of (NNPP) and a Youth mobilizer, Comrade Adamu Gambo reiterated Lawal’s commitment to selfless service for humanity as the only Man that is honest to give a hopeful representation for the people of the area.

Jimeta revealed that Garba is a renowned philanthropist who over the years has built an empire of social support for many communities in Adamawa State with his people -oriented representation.

With this attitude of his he is no doubt a Man with the requisite leadership qualities to be supported for the noble job of representation because he was there, and did it to the best of his abilities, bringing many dividends of democracy to his constituents.

He said among all those dreaming of becoming the next House of Representatives (HoR) Member in the National Assembly of the green chambers Barrister Garba’s political goodwill surpassed theirs and is better than them all.

According to him Lawal is already doing the legislative job before being elected again for the second term, his hubby is to change the storyline of the electorates by giving them good representation more than the one they have tasted during his first term.

Garba said there is a politician and there are other politicians, some are not political leaders but they are jobbers who are good at merchandising the destiny of the electorates, but Lawal stand it all, he is a leader who is out to salvage their constituency by giving them economy power, political power, socioeconomic power and many others.

He enjoined well-meaning individuals from the Constituency to give Honourable Lawal Garba the push of Victory in the coming 2023 election because he remains the best candidate to beat.

“Let me tell you, we are never in the valley of decision that knowing the right Man for the job of legislation will be difficult for us to know. We have decided on Lawal Garba because he is the best among the rest. He has been tasted and found trusted. He is our known devil who is far better than the angels we’ve never known.

” This Man is our prime candidate, is the superior aspirant among all those thinking their way to the National Assembly, he has what it takes, he got the intellectual ability to defend, protect, and voice whatever it is in the interest of our people.

“Garba is our choice of interest, no two ways about it. NNPP is the way forward and the party to win elections in Adamawa state.” Adamu said

Adamu who granted an interview in Yola to our correspondent, however, called on the NNPP family to unite the amidst political wind that is blowing trying to scatter the party because of divergence interests.

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