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Demolition: Bello Applauds FCT Taskforce on City Sanitation, Says I’m Very Impressed 



Demolition: Bello Applauds FCT Taskforce on City Sanitation, Says I’m Very Impressed 


Says I’m Impressed With Retoration, Sanity in Nation’s Capital

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister, Mallam Muhammad Musa Bello has expressed satisfaction with the ongoing revitalized enforcement activities by the FCT Taskforce on City Sanitation.



Saying, the enforcement exercise are aimed at ensuring the restoration and maintenance of sanity in Abuja, the nation’s capital city.





Bello, who made this assertion during an interface with heads of enforcement related departments in FCTA, affiliate operational commander, and field commanders from various security agencies involved in enforcement activities in the FCT, said without enforcement is not possible to attain sanity in the city.




He, however, noted that all the demolitions and other enforcement activities especially those affecting high profile persons that the Taskforce have done, he had no reason to intervene, and stop such actions.



According to him: “Honestly, I appreciate you all for what you are doing. All the demolitions; all the arrests that you have done, no big man could call me to stop you, because they know I don’t do so (I won’t), that’s why they don’t talk about it. So, just go and do your work.




“What I’m telling you is exactly the feeling of  the Commander in chief also, because we have to enforce.



“Without enforcement, is not possible, the difference between us and animals is enforcement simply, and we in the Administration have to try our best to help you”.




Similarly, the FCT Permanent Secretary, Mr. Olusade Adesola, said the authorities are really feeling the impact of the taskforce, as their work is very palpable and appealing to the stakeholders.



This, he noted couldn’t have been possible without the political will and support of the Hon. FCT Minister, who always wants the right thing to be done.



According to him: “I have always been seeing the face of Ikharo Attah as the face of all of you, so it is good we are seeing you all today. We are really feeling you, because we are seeing the work that you are doing.





“On the service delivery platform, I’m always there, and the feedback we received from you is worth encouraging and appealing. This is how is should be. All these couldn’t have been possible without the political will and support of the Hon. Minister, who always wants the right thing to be done.



“What we are telling people now is that we have to obey and comply with the law.  I thank the Hon. Minister for receiving you personally, this is to tell you that you have all the moral support, political support and what is left is  for you to do more, and make sure you deal according to the law, and don’t do anything out of vengeance. Pls we assure you of our total support , financial support or otherwise”.




Also speaking, the FCT Commissioner Police,

Sunday Babaji, reassured that the Police and other security agencies involved in the enforcement drive would not relent on working towards maintaining the sanctity of the nation’s capital city.





He  however appealed to the FCT Administration to continue to support them to keep the tempo.




On his part, DCP Operations, FCT Command, Bennett Igweh, reiterated the readiness of the security personnel to do their work professionally, without fear or favour as they are always ready to move into any place for enforcement.




Igweh adds: “I as DC ops has always tokd the field officers to do what is right and lawful assuring them that I will take full responsibility of whatever the outcome is”




Earlier, Comrade Senior Special Assistant to the FCT Minister on Monitoring, Inspection and Enforcement, Ikharo Attah, said for the Minister to receive them shows that they have not disappointed those who chose them from their various security agencies and FCTA departments to do the enforcement work.




Attah noted that looking at the job they do in the field, most times if not for FCT Minister’s strong political will and desire to stand and be very firm on what is right, they won’t do much in their assignment.



He said: ” Doing our job, one thing we have discovered is that there are  strong beneficiaries of all illegalities and criminalities in the FCT.



“Anywhere we go, to even chase criminals , somebody is benefiting, you chase hawkers, somebody is benefiting , to remove illegal structure somebody is benefiting; to remove roadside traders, somebody is benefiting ; and to arrest okada, somebody is benefiting. And when we step on those big toes, our source of comfort is that our bosses are always there to defend us”.



He continued: “Hon. Minister, we want to thank you for the stiff support with strong political will we have received to carry out our job. We thank you for the will power to stand by us in difficult times, because when we look at the job we do in the field, most times we discovered that if not for your strong political will and desire to stand and be very firm on what is right, I don’t think that we will go far at all.





” I want to appeal very strongly that our bosses should sustain the support going forward, and I’m very sure we will not disappoint you, because our committment to do what is right certainly knows no bounds”.

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The attention of the National Population Commission has been drawn to the circulation on social media platforms of a fake ‘NPC Recruitment 2022/2023’ portal, inviting Nigerians to apply for employment for the Trial Census and the 2023 Census. The Commission wishes to state that this information is totally false and misleading, and should therefore be treated as a scam by fraudsters to swindle unsuspecting members of the public, particularly job applicants.

The Commission disassociates itself from the portal and reiterates the fact that its recruitment portal for the ongoing Trial Census is no longer active and was shut down the moment the Commission concluded its recruitment process for the exercise.

It will be recalled that on the 30th May, 2022, the Commission announced through its social media platforms and also widely reported on other national mainstream media the opening of an e-recruitment portal for the recruitment of ad-hoc staff for the Trial Census exercise nationwide. The recruitment of the 14,461 field functionaries has been concluded and the Trial census commenced on 27th June, 2022.

The Commission wishes to assure Nigerians of its commitment to transparency in the conduct of all activities related to the conduct of the 2023 Census including the recruitment of ad hoc staff. All communication on issues relating to the Commission will be disseminated through its official platforms which include media advertisements, the NPC website and verified social media platforms.

Furthermore, National Population Commission is taking every measure to uncover those behind the fraudulent recruitment site. Similarly, scammers are warned to desist from this inglorious act as the Commission will not hesitate to bring the full weight of the law to bear on perpetrators in its quest to conduct the first fully digital Population and Housing Census in Nigeria next year that will be credible and acceptable.

Isiaka Yahaya, Ph.D
Director, Public Affairs
18th July, 2022

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150 Beggars evacuated as FCTA intensifies clampdown on street begging




  • Targets repatriation of 1,000 beggars


  • To liaise with governors for repatriation


About one hundred and fifty (150) beggars and destitutes were evacuated from the major streets of Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory(FCT), for allegedly constituting nuisance and disturbing the peace in the city.


The evacuation of the beggars mainly women and children including old men was carried out at the weekend , by officials of the Social Development Secretariat (SDS) in collaboration with the Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB), Directorate of Road Traffic Services, FCT Security Department and office of the Senior Special Assistant to the FCT Minister on Monitoring, Inspection and Enforcement.


This was on the heels of FCTA’s renewed clampdown on street begging in the nation’s capital, following receipt of complaints about the menace. It was observed that the team picked up the beggars from streets having shopping malls, supermarkets , Mosques and other notorious spots for alms begging within Maitama , Wuse II and Garki and other areas of the city.


After profiling them, they were later given Iftar meal to break their Ramadan fast in the evening, by the FCT administration.


The Secretary Social Development Secretariat (SDS), Hadiza Mohammed Kabir, who revealed that the FCTA is targeting to evacuate between 400 to 1,000 beggars from the city, said the FCT Minister of state had embarked on removing beggars from the streets and cleaning the environs of Abuja.


She added that by by the time they finished evacuating beggars and camping them in some of FCTA centres, for proper documentation, the Minister will liaise with all the governors of their states of origin, and thereafter, they will be repatriated back their respective states.


“As you are seeing today , the Minister has just sent a strong and sound warning through me as the leader of this team to them that they should go off the streets, because we are coming out massively for them.


“The minister has already sent them food and drinks to eat and break fast in the evening, but we are coming for them if they don’t leave the streets, as they stop begging on the streets of Abuja”, the SDS Boss reaffirmed.


The secretary also announced a ministerial pardon by the Minister of State for those evacuated during the weekend with a strong warning that they should not return back to the street.


Similarly, the Senior Special Assistant to FCT Minister, on Monitoring, Inspection and Enforcement, Ikharo Attah, noted that what the FCTA did was to evacuate the beggars from the streets and take them to a safe place, profile and ensure that they are that most of them are well catered for and subsequently repatriated.


Attah said: “During the month of Ramadan where most of Muslim brothers and sisters are devoting themselves to the service of Almighty Allah, we saw excessive beggars who from across the country flooding into FCT so we had to move them off the streets, sensitive areas where they gather in large numbers to beg for alms, and in the process they disturb people, and the complaints came in, and we moved in and cleared them in a friendly manner that


most of them very happy about.

“We are promising that we will take

them back to their respective states, so that they would actually leave the streets. But with the pardon by the Honourable minister of state it is now left for them to vacate the street

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Yanda ta kasance a zaɓen ƙungiyar RWLC a Jahar Adamawa



Yanda ta kasance a zaɓen ƙungiyar RWLC a Jahar Adamawa

An gudanar zaɓe na shuagabanni na ƙungiyar Radio Writers and Listiners Club (RWLC) na jihar Adamawa a ranar 12/02/2022 a makarantar Aliyu Mustapha College Yola.

An gudanar da zaɓen ne na neman kujeru daban-daban waɗanda suka haɗa da Chairman, Vice Chairman, Auditor da Assistant Treasurer.

Ƴan takarkarun dai sune kamar haka:

1. Chairman:
Manu Adamu (Manu posta) da Isma’ila Admau (Ɗan Karekare) da Jibrilla Muhammad Jibrilla (Alhaji four Damare)

2. Vice Chairman:
Babangida Gudusu da Mohammed Sani Ngurore

3. Auditor:
Ibrahim mai Welda da Malam Kari Ngurore

4. Assistant Treasurer:
Salihu Ngurore da Hassana Ibrahim Njidda

5. Youth Leader:
Amadu Yaro da Adamu Renge-renge

Ankuma sami wakilai daban-daban daga kafafen yaɗa labarai na janar Adamawa domin gudanar da zaɓen, wanda kuma Mahmud Yusuf Liman na Fombina Radio shi ya kasance shugaban zaɓen, sauran wakilai na gidajen Rediyon sun haɗa da Radio Gotel, Pulaaku FM da ABC Yola.

Bayan kammala kaɗa ƙuri’un, alkalan zaɓen sun tantance kuri’un sannan shugaban zaɓen Mahmud Yusuf Liman ya bayyana sakamakon kamar haka:

1. Chairman:
Manu Adamu (Manu posta) ya samu ƙuri’u 39

Isma’ila Admau (Ɗan Karekare) ya samu ƙuri’u 6

Jibrilla Muhammad Jibrilla (Alhaji four Damare) ya samu ƙuri’u 23.

2. Vice Chairman:
Babangida Gudusu, ya samu ƙuri’u 43

Mohammed Sani Ngurore, ya samu ƙuri’u 24

3. Auditor:
Ibrahim mai Welda, ya samu ƙuri’u 49

Malam Kari Ngurore, ya samu ƙuri’u 21

4. Assistant Treasurer:
Haruna Salihu Ngurore, ya samu ƙuri’u 24

Hassana Ibrahim Njidda, ta samu ƙuri’u 44

5. Youth Leader:
Amadu yaro, ya samu ƙuri’u 16

Adamu Renge-renge, ya samu ƙuri’u 48

Adadin waɗanda suka ƙada ƙuri’u 68 sai gurɓatattun ƙuri’u (Invalid) guda 3.

Sannan shugaban zaɓen ya bayyana:

Manu Adamu, a matsayin wanda ya lashe Kujer Shugaban ƙungiyar RWLC na jahar Adamawa, ya ci da ƙuri’u 39

Sai Mataimakin shugaban ƙungiyar Babangida Gudusu, ya ci da ƙuri’u 43

Auditor, Ibrahim Mai Walda, ya ci da ƙuri’u 49

Mataimakin Ma’aji, Hassana Ibrahim Njidda, ta ci da ƙuri’u 44

Sannan Shugaban Matasa, Adamu Renge-renge shikuma ya lashe da ƙuri’u 48.

An kuma rantsar dasu kamar yadda dokar ƙungiyar ta tsara, wanda Musa Shelleng daga Gidan Radio na jahar Adamawa ABC Yola, ya rantsar dasu.

An watsa taron lafiya ba wata matsala.

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