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A deep search for the golden and youthful political technocrat for the Nigeria Vice Presidency may not be farfetched now that the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) has taken the right steps in the right direction.
You may want to ask me of what directions I am speaking about.

And as an elder citizen of this country, I will like my readers, great Nigerians to know that I am a Nigerian, non partisan and one of the analysts on issues of public concern, whose opinions are devoid of sentiments of any sort.

Now that all political parties in our noble nation that are duly registered by the Nigerian political umpire, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), have chosen their presidential candidates and now in frenzy searches for marketable complement to be the next Nigerian Vice President by 2023.

After a thorough research based on Qualities, Competence, Nationalism and Patriotism of a suitable candidate through out the length and breadth of Nigeria by various non partisan associations such as Coalition of Ex-Militant Generals in Niger Delta , National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) , Ijaw Youth Council (IYC), National Association of University Students (NAUS) have thrown their heavy weight behind DR IBRAHIM BELLO DAUDA, who just clocked Fifty years in age few days ago has passed the various political litmus testes in all ramification within and outside the shore of our country, Nigeria.

Other duly registered and recognized associations that are fully committed, prepared and also beckoning at the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) leadership to look in the direction of highly tested and integrity proven personality – Dr Ibrahim Bello Dauda the symbol of hope for the Nigerian youths are; Yoruba General Assembly (YGA) with 16 Million and 63 Thousand of highly determined Honourable Members nationwide, National Association of Polytechnic Students ( NAPS), All Farmers Progressive Association (AFPA) with nothing less than 8 Million and 6 Thousand membership nationwide, The Cry Out Nigeria (CON), The Nigeria Christians Community (NCC), National Association of Nigeria Colleges Of Education Students (NANCESS) and El Dabi Women In Politics.

His private and public service can not be over orchestrated looking at his Auditing and Management Experience with private organisations in Nigeria and abroad.

As a President of a highly regarded Platinum Vault Group of Companies till date, saddled with the responsibility of 10 Companies with preference to Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Mining, Power Generation, Telecommunications, Logistics, Construction, Business and management Consultancy.

Audit Officer: Rasak Adeniyi Ayilara &Co Chartered Accountants (1998). A firm of External Audit and Tax administrators
Chief Operative Officer: Samfaco Investment Ltd.( 2000-2005)
* Chief Executive Officer: Samfaco Investment Ltd (2005-2007)
*Managing Director: Tranet Global Resources (2007-2010)
Managing Director: Velscar Integrated Service (2010-2014).
* Executive Vice Chairman of Age Refinery & Petro chemical Company Ltd (2016).

Director General of Sahelia Center &Development (2015 till date).A Leadership , Policy & Strategy Development Center
* Principal Chief Executive Officer of PVG Consult Ltd (2017 till date).A management Consulting firm.
*Chairman of Almajira Empowerment Foundation ( AEF) till date. A foundation for the Advancement and Empowerment of the Almajiri Children and the less privileged,students, indigents, widows and the aged in Nigeria.

And in Politics, Dr Ibrahim Bello DAUDA has served effectively as;
* National Secretary , Central Working Committee Of Apc Women and Youth Wing Of The Presidential Campaign Team 2019
* Member of Support Groups Directorate APC Presidential Campaign Council 2019
*Director Operations of Buhari Support Organization (BSO )2019
* National Coordinator: Buhari Support Organisation, Buhari SupportOrganization (BSO) 2014- 2015.
* Member: Presidential Campaign Council- Election Monitoring Committee (APC) 2014
* National Secretary Buhari Support Group Center ( BSOGC) 2014
* Member: National Convention Committee (CPC) 2013
* Member: National Registration and Membership Committee (CPC) 2013.
* Plateau State Coordinator: Buhari Organisation (TBO) 2003-20007.
Member: National Strategy Committee (CPC) 2010 – 2011
* State Treasurer: VPC Plateau State 2011.
* Member: National Investigation and Monitoring Committee (CPC) 2010
* Member: National Election Monitoring Committee (CPC) 2011
* Secretary: Primaries and Congress Committee (CPC) 2010.
Coordinator: Presidential Primaries, Plateau State (CPC) 2010 Among Others.

I will also urge the ruling party APC to take the great advantages by making a rightful choice of this young, vibrant, highly revered eminent political leader, a proficient political technocrat of huge contributions in our nation building.

And also know that the ” Youth Inclusion ” will be a marketing drive to ensure landslide victory for APC in the fast approaching 2023 General Elections.

El Dabi’s campaign slogans to the hearing of million of Nigerians has always been ” NIGERIA FIRST ” which is anchored on the principles of justice , fairness, equity , honesty detribalization and transformational leadership.

A professional accountant and management consultant from the North East Region of Borno State with impressive track records of public and private service whose words of hope and renaissance has been resounding with Nigerian Youths and other marginal segments including the working and professional classes from nooks and crannies of our country.

As a Masters Degree Holder in Project Management, PhD Holder in Business Management, Professional Diploma in Dynamics of Forensic Graphology, Professional Diploma in Intelligence, Professional Diploma in Criminology and Security Studies with verifiable certificate from Internal Security Organisation, (ISO) KLG in Collaboration with indian School of Profiling & Graphology, Pan- African Shied College, Kenya and with immense studies in Accountancy, Projects and Management Studies from American Academy of Project Management. And he has progressive acumen that can turn Nigeria nation for good.

It is worthy to let you know that, before the All Progressives Congress Primaries, he was one of the youngest and front line aspirants for the office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on the platform of the ruling party.

I strongly believe and opine with the recorded aggregate sampled opinions of the Nigeria elites, political Leaders, the Youths across board, Market women, artisans, indigents and the voiceless, he is healthily fit , sumptuously experienced to be the Nigeria next Vice President.

Nigeria has come of time and age in her political development and in this regards I want to appeal to Nigerians to have a new mind set devoid of sentiments weaved around Religions and Ethnicity which have been the main bane of our discordance.

Some political activists and leaders who sometimes only looking upward to what drops down as benefits or their gains from deceit, end up confusing the electorate on this very hitching factors to have their ways in politics.

But going down the memory lane in 1983 Presidential Elections, the mutual political understanding, arraignments, tactical approach and mathematical calculations of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) on the Late Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola (MKO) from the Southwest geopolitical zone, an astute Islamic figure and a Yoruba High Chief and Alhaji Babagana Kengibe a core northern reputable bigwig politician per excellence as running mate, paved way for the party unprecedented victory.

You will recall, SDP did not only win but the party won beyond any Nigerian imagination. And of course, the the narrations on religion Muslim/Muslim ticket and the Ethnocentric disposition changed. Then if I may ask, ” What brought about the success?” It was a politics of “No sentiments of Religion and Ethnicity.”

Nigerians should look out for good qualities of any given candidate and what are the resultant beneficial effects on our nation’s growth in all the spheres of our life.

Dr Ibrahim Bello Dauda popularly known as ” El Dabi ” is no doubt a precinct of many academia, political thoughts and ideas that can give Nigerians a new narration of greater benefits.
He Will Bridge An Excellent Gab Between The Old And The Young.
And With His Great Sense Of Humility Will Be The Good Fit AS A Vice President To Our Amiable Leader, The APC Presidential Candidate Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu..Jagaban whose political prowess can not be over emphasised. History has vindicated him over and over again.

I cannot but reemphasize in my objective and sincere opinion that, the All Progressives Congress Leadership, Political Class and Nigerians, should consider a promising philanthropist Dr Ibrahim Bello Dauda El Dabi a detribalized Nigerian who holds Nigerians in high esteem loves to offer a selfless , prudent , progressive and stable leadership devoid of negative , backward and parochial sentiment. A leader with truth , facts popular will and global best practice. A mission he prays to accomplish.

And his passionate Vision is geared towards creating a Nigeria we can all be proud of where Justice , Liberty and security for everyone is guaranteed regardless of their tribes, religion or class.
A Nigeria where opportunities are evenly and equitable distributed, hard work and labour are dignified where resources and talents are harnessed for the national good and interest, development and progress are conceived, designed to be sustainable and to make Nigeria an African giant and a global opportunity.

” He Who Is Not Courageous Enough To Take Risks Will Accomplish Nothing In Life. ”
– Winston Churchill.

With a deep sense of commitments to the repositioning of Nigeria for better life, breaking through the economic and political entanglement, building the unifying factors on truth and genuine purposes in order to
achieving the long awaited desired Unity, Progress and Peace in our noble nation, I am hopeful that the political class, our great front line leaders, elites, especially the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) Leadership, His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR, His Excellency Abubakar Adamu the Chairman of APC and His Excellency Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu Jagaban , the Presidential Candidate of APC by this public appeal will heed to this subtle clarion call to a sacred direction.

Millions of Nigerians from the Six geopolitical Zones of our nation are yearning for a youth governance, a new narration on Youth Inclusion, Empowerment, Development, an enabling environment to strive and an absolute turn around of a country worth living in of which Dr Ibrahim Bello Dauda’s Vice Presidency stands to offer Nigerians.

Dr Ibrahim Bello Dauda will be a great complement to H.E Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. And without mincing words and at this crucial period, he is the right Candidate for the office of the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Member: Concern Elders of Nigeria.

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Hon Zailani holds SDP ticket to go for Michika/Madagali HoR, urges electorates to vote out incompetence



The Party leadership of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in Adamawa has considered Honourable Zailani Sunusi Michika as the best bet to win the federal constituency seat of Michika/Madagali House of Representatives (HoR).

The business tycoon Young politician has equally got the endorsement of his constituents, describing him as the man that will break the camel’s back in ousting out the People’s Democratic Party’s candidate.

Sunusi while appreciating SDP for considering him worthy of the noble task of service to humanity, he said both PDP and APC are popular parties that a common man does not feel the impact of democracy in a real sense.

Zailani in an interview with our Yola correspondent reiterated that he came up with a blueprint of the laws that will transform the entire Michika/Madagali constituency if voted to be in the national assembly.

He vowed to change the narratives sooner than expected of the ineptitude representation and give a most revamped stewardship to his people who are in dare need of one.

According to him, his wealth of experience as an international businessman and a grassroots politician whose passion is to serve humanity will no doubt give the federal Constituency an edge over others in the state.

Alhaji Aminu Abubakar who is an SDP card-carrying member has during a meeting strategizing a way forward to winning the 2023 election with the Michika/Madagali as the crux of the discussion, he extolled Sunusi’s good leadership qualities and said the party had this time around presented a sellable candidate.

He said the personality of Sunusi is already being seen as the right man who came with the mindset of serving the people in all honesty.

According to him, their paths were crossed when Zailani became succor to so many women and youth in an empowerment program organized by him to alleviate the harsh economy that is biting harder on so many people of Michika

He is hopeful that giving the ticket to him will no doubt bring winning for the SDP and is going to be a celebration galore to the people of the constituency.

He said the celebration is going to be an anticipation of good representation and hopeful, purposeful, and people-oriented leadership.

He called on the people of Michika/Madagali to look inward and never waste their votes on parties that are known to exist in the place of authority for many decades without adding value to humanity.

“If we want better representation we have no choice but to vote for Hon Zailani Sunusi Michika, the Young Man is after humanity and to uplift the standard of our people through laws that will benefit us in the area.

” He has been doing it, it’s just a matter of doing it much more in another way, especially in the area of making laws,” Aminu said

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Bauchi NUJ Frowns at Intimidation, Molestation of Journalists by Security Personnel



Bauchi NUJ Frowns at Intimidation, Molestation of Journalists by Security Personnel

The Bauchi State Council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists has expressed dismay at the way and manner in which some politicians connive with security operatives to intimidate and harass its members through various forms of threats and harassments.

This was contained in a press statement issued by the State Secretary, Isa Garba Gadau stressing that, “the union is particularly worried over the recent arrest and detention of the publisher of WikkiTimes, Haruna Mohammed and his reporter Kamal Idris based on a petition by a member of the National Assembly from the state, Yakubu Shehu Abdullahi”.

The council further pointed out that, “The union wishes to reiterate its determination to ensure that Journalists in the State work according to best practices and by adhering strictly to the Code of Ethics for Nigerian Journalists.

“However, the Union will not tolerate a situation where politicians who have issues to hide use security operatives to perpetrate acts of impunity against Journalists.

“It is in this respect that we condemn in the strongest of terms the arrest and detention of the two Journalists in question because of their professional work.

“The union is willing at all times to engage aggrieved individuals or groups in dialogue to resolve any perceived acts of professional breaches by members of the Union in a manner that will be acceptable to both parties.

“We therefore call for the immediate and unconditional release of the two journalists to enable them to continue their professional work without let or hindrance”, the statement said.

Source: Daily chronicle


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ADAMAWA 2023: Titsi Ganama, Leading Candidate As Binani’s Running Mate – Findings




The selection of a befitting running mate to facilitate the victory in either the presidential or governorship election is what can be considered fundamental in a viable election.

The Adamawa All Progressives Congress, APC, gubernatorial flagbearer, Her Excellency, distinguished Senator Aishatu Dahiru Ahmed a.k.a Binani is well aware of this as much as the leadership of the party, which defined what the amazing amazon could construe as accollective undertaking; carefully shopping for the able, capable and competent candidate with capacity to run a befitting cabinet, hence a selection committee was set for the screening of the nominees, to pick the most one, from the chosen ones.

The first consideration was the zoning, Binani coming from the central senatorial district and the ruling party to wrestle power from, having a deputy governor from the southern senatorial district, it takes critical thinking and strategic planning to zone the running mate to the northern senatorial district, effectively checkmating the incumbency.

It is said that more tens of capable candidates have indicated interest. The selection committee’s earlier screening settled for three, whose names are given as Titsi Ganama, Mr. Tapa Sirumtu and Mr. Vanje Bitrus.

The Periscope Global survey can reveal that of the three, Hon Titsi Ganama is the top most preferred running mate, based of his socioeconomic contributions, political participation and representational and leadership experiences, as the electorates’ poll in the northern zone and more particularly, in Michika local government, where he hails from can reveal.

Incidentally, the grassroots politician, electorates mobiliser and worthy ambassador, Ganama served with Binani as House of Representatives member in the 7th national assembly.

The made in Unimaid intellectual, Ganama holds a Bsc and Msc in Geography. Contributing in nation building through education, he served as a lecturer with the then College of Preliminary Studies, CPS Yola in the defunct Gongola state, the present State Polytechnic Yola, Adamawa state.

Ganama left government services to gain experience in private sector, particularly the commercial sector where he rose by ranks to a branch manager with Allied Bank Plc in Ibadan, Jos and Abuja. He was also a Branch Manager with the Loin Bank Plc Kano Branch and the Head of Human Resources in the Bank’s Headquarters Abuja.

Ganama also held the office of a Principal Manager, Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund, NSITF, Abuja Area Office.

NSITF is a proactive and employee dedicated government institution committed to the welfare of employees in the event of work related accidents and injuries.

Ganama also served as S.A to Hon Minister of Labour and Productivity the Late Sen Uba Ahmed.

At the state executive level, Hon Ganama held the office of the Hon Commissioner with the Adamawa state ministry of Finance during the Boni Haruna led government.

Ganama as a Hon Member, House of Representatives, Federal Republic of Nigeria 2011 to 2015, representing Madagali/Michika Federal Constituency, has served in several committees.

The list of contributions, experiences and achievements, which placed Ganama over and above other candidates for a running mate, in the opinion of the electorates from the northern senatorial district, would seem endless.

“The amazing amazon, Her Excellency Distinguished Senator Aishatu Dahiru Ahmed Binani, our governor to elect and the APC, will do us great, give us the confidence at the poll, having Hon Titsi Ganama as her Deputy Governor,” the electorates at the background, in more of participatory selection would say.

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