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MAAUN felicitates with Niger Republic on country’s Independence anniversary



The Management of Maryam Abacha American University of Niger (MAAUN), has congratulated President of Niger Republic, Mohamed Bazoum, on the country’s Independence Day.

The Republic of Niger got its independence on August 3, 1960.

The congratulatory message was contained in a statement signed by the President and Founder of MAAUN, Prof. Adamu Abubakar Gwarzo and issued to newsmen in Kano on Wednesday.

Prof. Abubakar Gwarzo, who is the Founder and Chairman Governing Council of Maryam Abacha American University of Nigeria, Kano, used the occasion to congratulated the people of Niger Republic on the country’s Independence Day.

“As Niger Republic marks its Independence anniversary, I wish to on behalf of the management of the University felicitate with all Nigeriens on this auspicious occasion,” Prof. Abubakar Gwarzo said.

He prayed to Almighty Allah to continue to guide President Mohamed Bazoum,

to steer the country to the greater heights.

He described President Bazoum as a great and patriotic leader who has demonstrated commitment towards the development of his country since his election in April last year.

Prof. Abubakar Gwarzo, who is also the President of the Association of African Private Universities (AAPU), charged Nigeriens especially the youth, to engage in any meaningful entrepreneurship to enable them contribute their quota towards the development of their country

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The Flight Of Halima




1. Sundays are usually Solemn Days for Everyone

2. A times solitude breezes out the joy in life

3. April 10 was same for the famous Dodo family

4. Plans to inaugurate LGA leaders was altered

5. Coverage for the top reporter was disrupted

6. Because a novel loss Punctuated everything

7. The ace reporter’s routine had to be reported

8. Loosing his best and closest friend like no other

9. Yes, we all lost the great Halima at childbirth

10. Many hardly knew this Halima at first glance

11. She exudes a unique ambience of humility & innocence

12. Radiating a painless and harmless personality

13. Her feminine aura was remarkably motherly

14. The volume of traffic in her name was unquantifiable

15. A clear testimony to Dodo’s fame and Halima’s family

16. Everyone crazed to secure a glimpse of the moment

17. In Yola this is one, too many for the Journalism profession

18. In two years, the press lost countless hands

19. Once it was Danjuma Usman of the Voice of America

20. Followed by Ibrahim Abdul-Azeez of Daily Trust

21. Then the loss of my boss Umar Mustafa of NTA

22. Then Abubakar Dasin of Pulaaku FM Radio

23. All these were well reported and documented by Dodo

24. Then the Knock on Dodo’s own family Fortress

25. This is one story which he could not personally report

26. My sympathy is for Dodos life after Halima

27. My sympathy is for the kids she left behind

28. My sharpest sympathy is for Halima’s latest child

29. Blindly Coming into a brand new world

30. Unsure of what motherhood is all about

31. Unsure the Mom is alive or long ByGone

32. At the graveside Dodo was naturally in tears

33. Inner and outer tears bidding farewell to Halima

34. Consciously or otherwise, he was shoes-less

35. But he had his characteristic glasses on duty

36. He was deeply silent by Halima’s lone Home

37. He was Unsure of his next phase of Life

38. He had No experience about the Moment

39. Never anticipated parting with her this day

40. After Janaza, Dodo could not move an inch until helped

41. He was weak, helpless and worn out

42. That day, the Human Caravan was Huge

43. Everyone you missed for days was there

44. Halima’s Dad Never had it this bad

45. Alhaji Duhu was Exceedingly Devastated

46. He hardly ate, ignoring even the Sahur Meal

47. Halima’s Hali is gone for good and forever

48. Dodo is left to man the fortress she built

49. It’s not merely tough but highly rough

50. Allah’s Mercy will keep her soul at peace

51. Allah’s Blessing will keep Dodo very strong

52. Allah’s Goodness will shine through her offsprings

53. In death, Halima scored five major goals:

54. She earned the confidence of her parents

55. She cultivated the trust of her dear husband

56. She was loved and celebrated by everyone

57. She left the world via the boundless blessings of Ramadan

58. She died a Shahida having exited through childbirth

59. These trilateral angles are enough solace for Dodo

60. They are indeed divine compensations for our collective loss!

Abubakar Abba Tahir
(KaaKaaKey Fombina)

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Oxfam Cautions FG on Increase in VAT……Says it Will Widen Poverty Level and Inequality Among Nigerians




By Bashir Hassan Abubakar

Against the background of a recent article released by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) last month, where it recommended that the Federal Government of Nigeria should increase Value Added Tax (VAT) from the current 7.5 percent, remove the official exchange rate and fuel subsidy to promote long-term, inclusive growth and strengthen Nigeria’s external position, Oxfam has cautioned that medium to long-term recovery efforts should continue promoting fiscal and policy space that allows for an increase in social spending, and progressive tax policies that collect sufficient revenue and redistribute wealth fairly.

This was contained in a press statement signed and issued by Oxfam Communications Specialist, Rita Abiodun and made available to our correspondent Monday.

According to Dr. Vincent Ahonsi, the Country Director of Oxfam in Nigeria, “an increase in VAT will widen the inequality gap in Nigeria and may plunge more Nigerians into extreme poverty”.

Oxfam opined that, in Nigeria, the two richest billionaires have more wealth than the bottom 63 million Nigerians.

“Instead Nigeria should tax the wealthy and invest the trillions that could be raised into social services and infrastructure, climate adaptation, improve early warning systems for extreme weather, help poor farmers to buy weather-indexed crop insurance, and research seeds that can better cope with droughts,” said Dr. Ahonsi.

Rather than putting further burden on the bottom 99% of Nigerians, Oxfam reiterates its earlier recommendations to Nigeria Government to claw back the gains made by billionaires by taxing the huge new wealth made since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic through permanent wealth and capital taxes.

Also the recommendations implored the Nigerian Government to take advantage of the COVID-related offers of debt relief to get its current debt service suspended, and negotiate a comprehensive cancellation of its overall debt as soon as possible.

Other recommendations suggest an increase in Government spending on education and health, and ensure that more of all its social spending gets to the poor to address chronic underfunding of public services and very poor outcomes/coverage for the poorest.

Oxfam further suggested the scaling up of social protection, including enacting the social protection plans for the country to meet coverage levels more in line with Nigeria’s middle-income status, Improve transparency and accountability by publishing budgets both at federal and state levels and enabling greater scrutiny of future allocations and expenditures by making budgets publicly available.

The press statement concludes with a call to the FG to tackle sexist laws that discriminate against women and create new gender-equal laws to uproot violence and discrimination.

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How egocentric staff of Adamawa college of nursing failed me over girlfriend scandals— Victim



Voice of Arewa check out on an investigative report, published by TGNEWS.

Stephen Andrew a student of Adamawa state college of nursing from Gombe State said is a victim of the withdrawal of a lecturer out of a healthy relationship of the girl he later legally married to as his wife.

in agony and pains narrated his story blaming Kadams Birgamus, a lecturer who was then newly employed in 2018 as the cause of his problem.

According to him before Kadams was given the mandate to compile their final result alongside the deputy registrar, one Mamman Salo he has been warned that the said Kadams vowed to deal with him

On the assignment given to Kadams of result compilation,Stephen said many people told him to be wary of him because he has gotten a means to do whatever he wants to do, haven promised to victimize him over what he is saying “Stephen married the girlfriend of his friend” and is going about discussing his private life issues.

While describing his reasons for failing him as baseless, Andrew wonders how can he fail all courses at the final stage of his results compilation?

That was when he confronted Mr. Kadams who was a student a few years ahead of him when he was admitted into the school.

He said Kadams in a recorded discussion made available to TG NEWS bluntly denied that he failed him but outrightly fingered one Mr. Gaptida as the cause of his failure.

Checks by TG NEWS revealed that Kadams was appointed to compile the final results being a junior staff while there was an ongoing strike by members of Nurses and midwifery.

Andrew who was aware that Mr. Gaptida was the exams officer he confronted him and demanded to know why he failed his final exams.

Stephen told TG NEWS correspondent on an interview after providing tentative evidence that Gaptida told him he was never part of the whole process of compilation of all final results because as there was an ongoing strike.

“Gaptida knew nothing about my failure because they were on strike by the Joint Health workers union of Nigeria (JOHESU) when our results were being compiled.

” He category told me he was never part of it that he can not participate in the conduct and compilation of that result even at the point of release or submission to Mr. Zakaria no matter what, more so that he was one of the JOHESU’s unions leader,” Andrew said

Andrew said he is truly looking for justice because since that time till now nothing has been done, no action was taken after his official complaints to the management of the school.

“Everybody knows Kadams failed me, bringing me back to school to many of them will be raising questions which answer many will not provide. I’m fighting for my right and I want justice to be done and be fair to me.” He said

Stephen told TG NEWS that they are using his case to redeem the image of the institution which is fast eroding when it comes to the morals and integrity. He said they decided to leave his case to just die off like that without being fair to him.

He worried that he became the victim of a situation he ordinarily shouldn’t have by the past provost who should have taken the right step of solving his problem but scuttled down his destiny in the interest of Kadams who they think is their staff and didn’t commit any crime, him being a son of a nobody is out of the school because nobody can stand for him.

He revealed how Kadams helped the wife of the past Provost to pass her own exams, a reason may be they can not discipline him but him they made him to have an unjustifiable rustication because is a nobody.

Andrew while calling and appealing to the Governor of Adamawa State, Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, well-spirited Nigerians to rescue him from the verge of committing suicide over what he described as undue withdrawal to revisit the case and allow him to complete his studies.

“I’m not on any doubt, it’s Mr Kadams that architecture plan to send me out of that school underserved, it’s my right I’m after for and want every other Nigerian, especially human rights activists and the Executive Governor of Adamawa state to help me out of this mess, I’m getting frustrated by the day and I’m at the verge of committing suicide, somebody should help me please.” He cried out

In bitterness, Andrew cried how Kadams has frustrated him when in year three writing his final project alongside others who were later given a waiver excluding him.

The image maker of the institution, Mr. Bashiru Mohammed when contacted by TG NEWS said the issues Andrew raised has never been tabled to him and has no idea of what it is since it happened many years ago.

“Sincerely speaking I don’t know anything has happened like that. If he has raised the issue before it would have been investigated and I will know the exact thing to say. This is something that happened many years ago I wouldn’t have the idea of what it is if I’m not told.” Bashiru said

Further checks by TG NEWS from a source who knows how the policies of the college of nursing operate and prefer to be anonymous said Stephen should blame himself as nobody will withdraw him unless he underperformed academically.

According to him he Andrew might be having a less academic performance which led to his withdrawal, not Kadams who can barely do anything concrete to that issue.

All efforts to reach out to Mr Kadams Birgamus by TG NEWS there was no headway as his line when dialed was all the time showing “busy”.

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