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By Shariff Aminu Ahlan

I read with dismay and pitiful feeling of shame of an unethical, blindfolded, and unmerited display of outright ignorance and misinterpretations of facts from the write-up with above mention captioned, published by the Daily Trust of May 23, 2022, by one unknown entity called Abdulkarim Haruna Gwale, who shamelessly claimed to be representing a nonexisting association or forum called ‘Concerned Kano Citizen,’ in which in his quest and hungry desire to satisfy his pay master poured out his assesments and sentiments clouded opinion on the raging issues in relation to the battle of senatorial ticket of Kano Central between the undisputed Prince of Kano State politics who has turned out to be one of the most talk about political giants, Excellency A.A. Zaura and corruption induced and assimilated political rotten rat called Senator Bashir Lado.

Having outlines the important and political significance of the zone in relation to the entire political equation in the state, being the most populace and strategic zone, the need to produce competent and capable hand to represent the zone in the upper chamber is indeed paramount and deserved unhindered attention and concern of the party hierarchy and its entire members. The need of the party to present someone that would be sellable, who would easily attract voters due to his sterling qualities and past antecedents is indeed uncontested and unchallenged. The members of the party are fully awared of this and would naturally do justice to themselves and entire people of the state when the appropriate times surfaced. As such readers would expect him to do justice having claimed to represent the so-called Concern Citizen, by putting both candidates on the scale, weigh their competency and capability and in the process outline their achievements, past antecedents, popularity and presumed general acceptances with genuine and factual accession beret of sentiment or bias. Alas, the reading populace would then be allowed to made their conclusions based on critical analyses of the facts presented.

But right from the word go, the writer exposed his true colour by open display of evil concocted desire to favour one side and not only castigated, bastardised and painted His Excellency A. A. Zaura in black with baseless, irrational and unnecessary open attacks on his persona with sole purpose of promoting his either a pay master or attention seeking target.

The writer went straight to the neck by extolling the virtues of Senator Bashir Lado by narrating his uncontentious average performances as the former Senator by which he glorified it and coloured it with sentimental narrations that give it an aura of excellent performances that is unprecedented and unmatched which is a mere exeggerations of a sentimental writer..He brought the of performances that centred on one single project on construction of the much repeated narration of its existence, the Gyadi Gyadi underpasses bride that is today refers as ‘Gadar Lado’, a federal government project, that to his credits he initiated the bill which led to its construction. But it was glorified corruption induced project in which billions of naira were released for the project which serve as a mere pipeline of dubious and deceptive siphoning people collective wealth runnings to huge fortune in constructing cheap and non qualitative bridge that shamelessly crush few months after construction resulting into a massive reconstruction of the dangerously cracked side of the bridge. A product of systematic corruption that has become part and parcel of Lado opportune political offices that is still prevailing in his subsequent appointments after vacating the senate seat. We would come back to that in due course.

He then glorified and made an much hype over the then popular and overrated radio programmes called ‘Sallamar Lado”. A programmed conceived to entice populace to cast their votes on the man called Lado, by going round few selected houses in different parts of metropolitans where some representatives goes into a household and dolled out ten thousands to the family. It would then be recorded with media fanfare where the recipients are made to undergo unnecessary interview which meant to serve its political purpose but at the same time exposing the identity of beneficiary’s.

But the writer highlighted that as an achievements, in which he ignorantly failed to differentiate between achievements while in office with preelection enticements.. Then also a funny campaign gimmicks where his representatives goes to soup beverages market where they normally bought some soup ingredients worth few thousands, going by their cheap prizes and distributed to the few lucky customers presents under the watchful eyes of heavy assembly of media outlets who are always tasked and paid to give it massive publicity. Such peanuts consumed programme was also given precedence as massive achievements. Funny indeed.

Now let’s talk about his Principle whom all those in know are fully abrested with corruption induced and chronic public fund looter who is no fit to hold any political office of trust. There is an old saying that ‘Any one coming to equity should come with clean hands”. The so-called honest and achieving politician is presently consumed in the mess of investigations by our financial crime investigation outfit. The man who is currently been investigated in Globally acknowledge financial scandal of Malabo Contract scam. And still remember the undiscovered stolen funds from that funny bridge construction. And not mentioned an investigation of his merciless looting from Small and medium Enterprises based on the uncountable number of petitions tendered against with soundproof facts and evidences.

He was dismissed from the so-called appointments the writer was trying to justify as a demonstration of faith and trust has on him by the President Buhari. Dismissed from Ministry of Humanitarian and also fired by the same President Buhari from National Agency of Prevention of Human trafficking in person. The dismissal and faring from all those lucrative post was based of discovery of series of financial scandal and other dirty corruptions deals. Countless number of petitions tendered against him that were found to carry weight are what led to deserving loss of the positions and subsequent series of investigations going on him by both EFCC and ICPC. Many tendered proves of dirty allegations against by uncountable number of people he duped using his position with false promises of getting heavy contracts and patronage from the agencies and other government parasatal. Not mentions several other cases that naturally fingered him as unfit and underserving that can not be entrusted with public funds..

Note that it is the same Lado that dedicated his whole in indulging of several evil concocted plans to truncate Zaura ambition through crafted moves that are unethical in nature. It was later discovered that is the same man that instigated EFFC to wake up a dead case with sole aim of painting Zaura black and in the process disqualified him from contesting elective posts. But for those who may not know, Zaura has no running case against any court across the country. In fact Zaura is presently the one that is seeking justice and collateral damage from the same EFCC that wants to dent his image in the Apex Court in the land.

As a man full of dubious skills manipulation and found his way to be part of three man committee to screen the aspirants seeking positions and forwarded to Senate Committee of Appeal . In his naked desperation, they hold a meeting at room 129 at Sheraton Hotel where they confined themselves and wrote a baseless, narrow-minded and sentiment attached beret of logic and concrete proof, an appeal asking the upper chambers members to disqualify Zaura without any visible proofs. But woofully lost the battle when the party national body found Zaura clean, pure with no case trail in any court and without any skeletons in his cupboard. In fact the national body of the party suggested to him to write a petitions based on several investigating cases against his detractor which would led to his disqualification from contesting, but out of his magnitude and sense of responsibility decided not pay the said Lado in his own coins. Confidence and self worth made him to let Lado comes to the wrestling ground where he is ready and fully equipped to batter him and send him to canvass because he is far ahead of him no matter his foolishly blindfolded assumption that he can out do Zaura in the contest. What a mirage!

But let’s puts them on parameter of recognisable achievements as you want it to be interpreted. But consider it and compared with what the man you loved to hate is presently doing to the state, then your principle entire so-called achievements prior and when he was even in office with access to public trusted funds under his custody, it would simple turned into tiny and little portion of it. A. A Zaura has and still doing huge and unprecedented developmental projects to the state and extraordinary humanitarian services that runs into billions of naira which the entire nation and state bear testimony and acknowledged as unprecedented in the entire history of the state..

The said A. A Zaura was the man whom the no1 citizen of the state, His Excellency Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje showered praises on him and repeatedly hailed as the biggest individual in the state interns of complementing government efforts that has never been seen in the state. His uncountable number of projects in the field of health care, peoples empowerments, educational sector, Islamic propagation and advancements in provision of financial grants to the sector, alleviating people’s sufferings, unquantifiable provisions of amenities and resources to various human sectors made him stand out over all others. And admiringly from his hard-earned personal fortune drives from business ventures scattered across the globe. In this, he towered above everyone, your principle inclusive.

It’s also the same Zaura that the state governor once asked the other elites and well to do established business gurus to emulate. Stating that if other rich individuals copied and adopted Zaura’s selfless sacrifice of his hard-earned fortune, then the government and people of the state would become an object of envy from the entire federation and beyond. And no one has to be told that his personal contributions to the entire population of the state surpassed what ever achievements recorded by your principle before and during his entire senatorial seat jamboree.

Funny enough, the writer even have a boldness and shameless guts to described his principle as the most popular and easily sellable to electorate. What a myopic and blindfolded assumption! The man A. A. Zaura has no doubt stoled the show within a year of joining the great party, where he has no doubt becomes the most popular and household name politician in the entire state. He descended on the platform and within a blink of eyes becomes one of the most popular and most talk about politician in the state. His name rings bells in almost every household in the entire forty four local governments across the state.

Then he ignorantly or dubiously decided to described Zaura as unfit and a risk to the party because according to him, Zaura had a pending case with EFCC and its tantamount to risking the ticket if given to someone with such pending case. What a mirage! From been the most popular and sellable candidate he is backing based on the nonexisting comparison with Excellency Zaura, he now turned his gear to blackmail and tarnishing the good image of a youthful and globally acknowledged achiever, all in bid to promote his principle. To lower his morals and paint him black he brought the issue of the so-called pending case. Which case ?

A case that was no case in the first place. A dead and buried issue that was awakened simply for the purpose of this kind of childish and baseless blackmail. To put things straight, the case was brought against him in 2019 by the EFCC claiming that he had collected the sum of one million, three hundred dollars from a Qatar business man under false pretences. He was arranged n court with faceless complainant who never show himself through out the duration of the trial. All through the court proceedings, the man claiming to be the victim was never seen talk less of stating his side of the story and claimed whatever he was said to have been duped. The High Court that was adjudging the case decided to discharged and acquitted Zaura based on no evidences and non apperances of the claimer. The EFCC was asked to apologized to him and was dismissed in January 2021. But at the peak of the present campaign about two months ago, the said EFCC obtained a new judgement from Appeal Court which directed the High Court to retrial the case which was closed with an accused discharged and acquitted.

The new judgement didn’t stated that Zaura was found guilty or the judges delivered a wrong judgement. Rather, it based it’s judgement based on legal lacuna that is subjected to challenge and poor interpretations because the judgement claimed that the accused was not present in the court when the judgement was delivered as such it should go for retrial. But even a lay man knows that with present of lawyers, one don’t necessarily has to be in court prior to delivery of a judgement. The decision was justifiably challenged by his lawyers who appealed the said judgement to Supreme Court.. As such Zaura has no any court trial as such it should not an issue in the first place.

Let the representative of a faceless, fictitious and non existing so-called Kano Concern Group seek for another calling and stop wasting his energy and resources in blackmailing a righteous and acceptable personality that has risen to the level of been regarded as a hot cake who has the clout, personality, records and aura of general acceptance and credibility that can deliver the seat due to his unmatched popularity and ‘out of this world sterling qualities that with no iota of doubt made him a force to reckon with in our today political arena…

Shariff Aminu Ahlan is a lecturer at Sa’adatu Rimi College of Education Kano.

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Boss Mustapha: The APC Party Man,By Tom



My close watch of Boss Mustapha, Secretary to the government of the federation (SGF) over the years has been a man with a strong fraternity to party politics. He is one Nigerian who defined his brand of politics within the context of political party affinity. Once he discovers himself in one, he dies by its principles and its ideologies. This is where the All progressives Congress, APC, the party is lucky to have found him a good Man and part of the party’s camaraderie.

Boss Mustapha from SDP after the merger in 2015 remains committed to preaching and defending the party’s ideals. Is no doubt one of the stanchion Man in the country and his enduring loyalty to the party is a glaring fact he is a die-hard party stalwart.

Knowing this Man from the cradle of his political lifeline to date, I can comfortably say is the Last Man standing for APC come rain come sun shines. Boss has sold out his conscience to build an APC of goodness for the Nigerian people. I have seen his body language, his composure, and his political temperament can go to any length for the APC to remain a national party. Amidst whatever situation, Mustapha can be there for the party he is doing well in working for Nigerians to get out of the woods of stagnation.

The current position he occupies as the sitting SGF, Nigerians have discovered a leader, a Man with a passion to serve, deliver, and recreate a new haven that truly suggests the country as land with multiple mineral and human resources to build a nation of our fore father’s dream is possible.

His knowledge in government is measureless, his experience in leadership is far-flung and his far-reaching experience in business to woo investors of all races and countries has stretched out to many nations of the world.

Barrister Boss Mustapha is one Nigerian Man who is a colonnade of APC with his Mr ” strategist and synergy” titles that has become a slogan of political change mantra in Nigeria, most especially Adamawa State, his land of birth. The Man has no doubt a discovery of wisdom, one of the Adamawa’s Son that is immensely contributing to liberating, emancipating, and salvaging the entire country from the crutches of underdevelopment and putting life, meaning, and adding value into the political lifeline of Nigeria because of his firm belief in APC.

In him is the girdle of strength to lead well, he holds in his hand the rod of direction that will help in taking APC to a haven of rest for all of Nigerians. The party Man despite what people consider weakness in his silence and muteness in delving into national issues. I see it as a virtue of greatness he owned that is using to camp down and stabilize many uproars within and outside the party that will possibly consume the party whenever he talks unduly.

As they say “silence is golden”, to me it’s not only golden, there is power in silence. This is the power Boss got working effectively for all Nigerians. A brainy gift that is helping APC at the National level because of his staunch loyalty to the party.

It is beyond question that he is another beacon of hope, a glorious flying horse for APC. A trailblazer with all the threads of good leadership. Giving life to APC, the party he sojourned fighting tooth and nail to sustain its glorious future for Nigeria and to all Nigerians.

With his resilience and his good intentions for APC and Nigeria, I’m glad to say that Mustapha and many others abound in the country to give hope to Nigerians that the country can be better, ashes of ugliness can be replaced with beauty. I now see hope for Nigeria because there is a Man (Boss) dying to keep the flag of APC flying as a pillar that can bring or spark up the light of progress in all parts of Nigeria.

May I now shout it out and make it boldly in the tablet’s heart of all and sundry that Mr. Boss remains the best loyal Man of APC, the last Man that can ever stand for the party in the interest of all party men. This is where I cherish his brand of politics. A party Man at all times, his belief in serving any political party is what will birth out good leaders that will serve the nation.

I can see his vision and dream of a new APC have made him the number one party Man I cherish. May I, therefore, say that the greatest mistake that each voter can make is to vote against APC in 2023 because Boss Mustapha and many good Nigerians are there. A vote for APC is the best way to get the country out of the woods. I know he will ever give his support that Nigeria and Adamawa will yet be on the rail of development.

A vote for APC where Boss belongs is a value-added change, a wisdom that will set free everyone from retrogression to progression. I’m assured he will make sure that the government will certainly be of the people by the people and for the people.

APC will never be a backward government with Boss as a Man holding tight to its membership card. Nigeria will be secure, free, and well positioned to grow in all facets of life.

The moribund companies and industries owned by the Federal Government will be revived. Life and human sanctity will be meaningful and economy vibrancy will take the lead.

This APC Man has the wherewithal, Boss is more than able to help in turning around Nigeria of today facing all lots of challenges for the World development. He has what it takes to give out for the party to attract global attention, he is well equipped to make Nigeria earned the world news of positive stories of a country with Boko Haram bedeviled the country with many attacks, make it a country that will capture the attention of the global economy.

I see Boss as the best, the hope, and the life-changing supportive gear of the country’s development. His stay in APC is salvation has come to all Nigerians. My respect to this party Man. My call to Nigerians, most especially the people of Adamawa State is just simple, thump up for Boss, the valued APC Man, he is giving much to development of this country in a silence mode, and on the ballot, it should be a thumbs down for the Party he belongs to (APC) come 2023. It’s the only way out. A way into another realm of development.

Boss and APC are for the emancipation of Nigeria. The last and final option. This is my stand, my honest view in the interest of every one of us in the country.

I celebrate this Man for being loyal to APC from inception up to this time. He has no doubts tendencies of shifting loyalty to another party. There is no iota of doubt that he will ever leave, he is standing strong to defend the party at all costs.

Boss Mustapha, the party Man, is my number one role model in Nigerian politics.


Is a Journalist, a political analyst, and an opinion writer. He writes from Yola-Adamawa State. He can be reached through this means:


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Task force busts criminals’ camp, arrests 480 suspects




The combined security Joint Task force of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has raided uncompleted buildings and undeveloped plots in Maitama and Wuse II areas of Abuja and arrested 480 suspected criminals.

The commander in charge of the team, Bennett Igweh after the arrest, said the suspects were apprehended following the tireless efforts of the Task force in combing black spots within the Federal Capital City.

He explained that the suspects mostly male had turned green areas, undeveloped plots, unoccupied houses into their haven for criminal activities.

Igweh said the team would stop at nothing in riding the city of criminal elements that threaten the peace of the Federal Capital Territory residents.

He disclosed that items recovered from them include police uniforms, mobile phones, loaded pistol, matchets and charms.

According to him, the 480 suspects would be profiled and handed over to appropriate authorities for necessary actions.

Igweh said: “We have arrested about 480 suspected criminals, We are going to take many of them to court, they live in an unauthorised places in FCT which is an offence. They want to hide within the shanties and black spots in order to commit havoc in Abuja.

“We will do thorough profiling because we are suspecting that there could be escapees from Kuje Correctional Centre.

“We are starting from the City centre, and we will expand it to other areas, the exercise will reach 21 satellite villages and towns; from Kabusa, Gishiri, Waru, to Wasa and others. We have told them to find where they will go or find a lawful settlement that they can live. We have agreed that if you fight us, we will fight you.

“This operation is one that the security agencies have started since, we are about to start operation G-7 but we want to clear the city centre of of criminals.

“We have agreed to do it together. I’m the Commander of this joint taskforce that comprises of the Police, Army, Navy, Air Force, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) , Immigration Service, DSS and other sister agencies. And all of us combined, you can see the result. We started by 1:00 am today, and by about 3 am, this is what we were able to do.

“The suspects specialized in robbery; they have different security uniforms, we caught them with Police uniform. It’s just regrettable.

“In one of the camps, we recovered a fully loaded pistol because we took them by surprise, that was why we were able to recover what we had recovered. We will continue to take them by surprise, as this operation will not stop. We have started it this midnight, and we will continue. We have asked them to leave the town as they are not supposed to be here”


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ADAMAWA 2023: APC Supporters In 5M LGAs Call For Sen Abbo’s Suspension, Substitution With Medugu




The APC supporters in the five local government areas that constitute the northern senatorial district of Adamawa State, namely, Madagali, Maiha, Michika, Mubi North and Mubi South, referred to as 5Ms local governments, earnestly called on the party to suspend Senator Ishaku Elisha Abbo, representing the senatorial district and canvassing for continuity, over whipping faith based acrimony for mutual suspicion and mistrust and alleged antipathy to his political party.

The APC supporters urged the leadership of the party to bring Hamisu Idris Medugu, the Sardaunan Duhu, who came second during the party’s primary elections as his substitute should the party desires a top to bottom win that Hon Abdulrazak Saad Namdas, apparently the best House of Representatives member from Adamawa state and other APC stalwarts are advocating for.

The electorates in the northern zone that Abbo is representing at the Senate considered it a proselytised Muslim Hate, taken as Abbos’s new found newfangled theology, tagging those who support APC’s Muslim-Muslim ticket as “potential Boko Haram recruits”, which the clerics sermonised as having meant either Tinubu and his choiced Muslim running mate and/or any minimum number of two Muslims and supporters are Boko-Haramic.

Abbo with others is also alleged to be working against his party’s presidential choiced candidate for the 2023 general elections.

“The down with Abbo damnation didn’t start with the electorates, the state chairman of the APC, Hon Ibrahim Bilal equally, by analogy, rather boldly, voiced out that for addressing him as potential Boko Haram recruit simply because he supports the choice of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu the APC presidential candidate to go Muslim-Muslim ticket, with the consideration that running a two-minority ticket will not win election; for going against Tinubu and for attacking President Muhammadu Buhari, defined as Anti-Party, he will not support, promote or give representational mandate to Abbo. Why should the electorates support APC’S senatorial bidding in the northern senatorial district with the Muslim-hate Abbo as the ticket bearer?” The electorates would argue.

It could be recalled that Abbo won the Senate seat under the PDP during the 2019 general elections. He however defected from the party that nurtured him to join the APC, the ruling party at the national level, having realised that he would be rendered insignificant and might not scale through the party primaries, for challenging the state governor who is also a PDP.

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